Our cuisine is Mediterranean, Greek and basically local and Cycladic. Stunning modern dishes that have everything: High quality raw materials, imagination, creativity and strong flavors that satisfy even the most demanding. Our dishes are based on the local products like the cherry tomatoes of Santorini, the fava and the white eggplant, but also on others we gather from other Cycladic islands, like the potatoes and the cheeses of Naxos which are of great quality and taste. The Greek land gives amazing products, so this is our goal, to find them and bring them here. Like our olive oil for instance, that comes from the owner’s farms in Pyrgos of Ileia, Peloponnese.

Our Pizza

The delicious hand made pizza is one of our famous dishes. For its success we only use authentic italian products like prosciouto and mozzarella, coming straight from Italy.

Our menu in Varkes also includes gourmet snacks, that are served on the beach as well, except for the area of the restaurant. Taste our pasta, our delicious meat dishes and definitely the pork knuckles, but also our sea food and fresh fish. All handmade… and heartmade, based on our guests’ needs and preferences.



Kamari, the oldest settlement of Santorini, is the ideal place to start your day. Here comes the sun. Literally. This is the first spot on the island to see the sun light. The villages on the other side of the island may be renowned for their breathtaking sunset, yet from Kamari you can enjoy the romantic sunrise and a stunning view that reaches the island of Anafi.

Many are those who begin their day with an excursion to Ancient Thira and the Red Beach from Kamari, since there are boats for these spots on daily basis during summer season. Varkes is the perfect start point. Take the energy you need through a nutritious breakfast and enjoy there the first coffee of the day, before going on with a tour on an interesting sight or relaxing at some beach of the island.

Depending on your habits or appetite, choose from the classic Continental, English or American breakfast the one that suits you. You can also try our yogurt with honey, the fruit salad, croissants, smoothies, even our protein drinks! Visit Varkes, enjoy a rich breakfast by the sea and the magnificent view of Anafi island. This is the best way to begin a day in Santorini…