Beach Bar

Varkes is an all day beach bar restaurant, meaning you can start your day with coffee, fresh juices and breakfast, then continue with delicious gourmet snacks, taste our Mediterranean cuisine and our handmade ice cream, waffles or other desserts, and finally close with beer, cocktails and other favorite drinks till the sun goes down.

What makes the beaches of Santorini stand out is their black sand, a remnant of the volcanic activity of the island. In this unique scenery, with the deep blue waters of the Aegean in front and the view of Anafi island, Varkes beach bar restaurant is the right place to go for perfect summer relaxation.

Friendly service enhances the experience you’ll live in Varkes, which is sure to become your favorite spot in Kamari, Santorini.

Signature cocktails

The experienced bartenders of Varkes beach bar restaurant are here to create unique artful and inspired signature cocktails. Aromatic herbs, crushed ice, nectar, lime, brown sugar, fresh fruit, rum, gin or tequila, they all lend their taste to summer. In the morning ask for the refreshing non alcohol fruit cocktails or the classic ones, mojito and daquiri. For evening hours we suggest you should taste our amazing champagne cocktails.Come and taste them!